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A FIH (International Hockey Federation) Global certified pitch is one of the most demanding type of surface. Yet Edel Grass, with over 30 years of experience, constantly performs to achieve one of the most number of FIH certified pitches in the world.

It does not have be as costly

Despite the critical installation and specialized product, a FIH certified pitch does not have to cost as much as some believe.

The same system as used in the highest levels of competition, can be had for surprisingly reasonable cost.


Designed from ground up as a FIH Global Competition water based hockey surface that uses minimal water.

Combining in 1 square meter, more than 1.5 million filaments of Edel's new massive 205 micron polyethylene, over industry's most robust backing, Edel ID successfully leads in,

  • Fastest and smoothest ball roll, wet or dry

  • lowest water requirement

  • highest density on heaviest backing

  • lowest abrasion

  • lowest pile deformation


Made in the Netherlands, the heart of world hockey, the Edel ID is used in the highest level in all regions of the world.


Most excitingly is the fact that Edel ID is the highest value when compared to the cost of other competitors.   in

HC-Bloemendaal, Netherlands
Glasgow High School, Scotland
Stadium Tayabullah, South Asia Games
HC Tevere Eur, Rome Italy
Khumalo Hockey Stadium, Zimbabwe
Field Hockey Federation Moorpark
Sultan Azlan Shah Stadium, Malaysia

EDEL in action at the

EHL Finals

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