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More than meets the eyes

Without any infill mess, with or without a shock pad, Sportisca turf will have effective densities to provide permanent cushion support that other landscape products won't. 
These are qualities normally expected for performance sports applications and not for landscape use, yet Sportisca goes the extra mile by offering performance in landscape products.


Beyond the natural

Offering multiple lines with multiple color choices. Unleashing the creative vibrance.


Triple-T Technology

Utilizing this proprietary tufting technology, Sportisca offers the industry's only synthetic turf with three separate pile heights, densities, and types in each tuft. 
This allows the optimization of the thatch, support, and primary layers of turf system plus permanent antistatic properties to provide permanent and unrivaled playing support, comfort and aesthetics.


Hard Core Soft Shell

HCSS - another Sportisca's proprietary innovation that significantly increases the premium sports and landscape turf systems' durability and performance. 
By encapsulating the multi strands of Polyamide monofilaments with a softer and smoother Polyethylene diamond profile shell, the HCSS monofilaments are stronger, quick to recover, and still smooth to touch. 


Ideal pairing

Without any infill and with the Triple-T layering, Sportisca's performance and aesthetics match the ideal natural grass closest. 
Numerous professional stadiums and arenas have chosen the premium turf to surround their pristine natural grass playing fields. Besides the undistinguishable aesthetics, the turf's natural performance allows the discerning athletes minimal difference across the surfaces. 

Wear testing

Generally reserved for sports applications, the Lisport Simulated Wear apparatus is the benchmark turf wear testing standard.
Once again, Sportisca goes the extra mile by subjecting their premium landscape products to this strenuous test, and the results are after 20,200 cycles (approximately equivalent to 8 years of use), only minor changes to the fibers were noticed. The turf surfaces are then performance tested again and were found to be consistent with the new condition results.
This is even better than many premium sports turf surfaces, let alone those used in landscape applications. 

Eight years and going

Here is a picture taken of an 8-year-old Sportisca premium landscape turf used at a park. 
This area was subjected to heavy use (goal mouth) and no maintenance. 
Notice that the fibers are still intact, fluffy, and performing. 

Unusable after 2 years

Here is a picture taken of a 2-year-old premium landscape product of another manufacturer. 
This was installed at a rest area that experienced moderate use. 
Notice that the turf has wholly flattened, leaving a hardened and unsightly green area. 


Safe, versatile and easy to maintain

Without any infill, packed with unique innovations, with or without shock pads, Sportisca's premium landscape turf offers the ease of maintenance from snow plowing to just regular brushing. 
Along with up to 10-years of warranty, Sportisca also offers unique features like Class 1 (ASTM E648 equivalent) fire rating and portability or temporary surfaces.

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