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AEA supplies and installs synthetic turf specifically for Sports and Commercial applications.
Few have experience supplying and installing fields that meet sports' highest standards like,
FIFA Quality and Quality Pro certified installations
FIH National and Global certified installations
World Rugby compliant installations

Some of our products references include,

AEA Sports Surfacing,

AEA represents multiple product partners, each selected for their proven specialties, be it the level of play, specific references, intended applications, budget or specific experiences. Based on the clients' circumstances and objectives, AEA would propose tailored solutions to efficiently achieve them. 

With the myriad of choices in the marketplace, pricing alone may not always be the answer, as it often requires sacrificing some measure of durability, performance or innovation. AEA's goal is to work together with the clients to find or develop the best solution for their unique circumstances at the highest possible value.

Unlike typical manufacturer sales representatives, AEA is not restricted to one manufacturer/brand. This allows clients' specific needs to be better met with more optimized solutions. Since AEA's revenue is primarily derived from the in-house manufacturer certified installation teams, this service would not be a cost to the clients which leaves AEA as a vested 3rd party expert to the benefit of the project. 

In summary, AEA is the jack of all turf associated solutions and with her product partners, the masters of their specialties.   

  • Over 20 years industry experience 

  • Combined in house experience of over 200 installations in various parts of the world 

  • Over 100 officially certified field installations

  • Installations used in major international events including Hockey World Cup, Commonwealth Games, ASEAN Games, professional and amateur 

  • Surety Bonded and Insured 

AEA Turf Partners,

  • Meets FIFA (Soccer), FIH (Field Hockey) and World Rugby highest requirements

  • Have over 6000 combined installations worldwide

  • Vertically integrated with in-house extrusion, R&D, tufting and coating

  • Hold status of FIFA Preferred Producers, FIH Preferred Suppliers and World Rugby Preferred Turf Producers

  • Manufactured in plants with full compliance to ISO9001

  • No history of catastrophic failures requiring warranty replacements



AEA Sports Surfacing, LLC

4245 Carrolton Drive,

Franklin, TN. 37064 U.S.A

+1-615-348-8231 - Telephone

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